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Les Danseurs Traditionnels De Ste. Lucie,
St. Lucia's most popular tradional dance group

Les Danseurs Traditionnels De Ste. Lucie is a folk group which strives to achieve its main objective: “to promote and preserve the traditional dances of St. Lucia”  . . . read more

Vincent McDoom

". . .It is very difficult to encapsulate who I am as I am so many different things to different people . . . " . . . read more

Guy Innocent, Busta Steel Orchestra

Our Special Spot in St. Lucia

Guy Innocent is the owner, manager and arranger of Busta Emerald Steel Orchestra in St. Lucia. . . read more
Imagine lounging beside a beautifully tiled heated pool, with a clear view to the Caribbean Sea and, in the foreground, a lush, green peak – Petit Piton. . . read more

Guy Innocent

Lauren Rosen

Jallim Eudovic,St. Lucian Artist

"I like the freedom that sculpture gives you to explore space and material with abundance. I like that sculpture has a free pass to all it’s neighboring genre’s, which includes but is not limited to painting, fashion and photography. Being a sculptor is like being an ambassador to the senses because sculpture is the only medium which can truly engage all of our senses."
. . . . read more

Chef Refer Leonce

"Cooking is very simple and comes from the heart. Just put a little love into it and it will come out right."

One of his favourite dishes to prepare is: Pan-seared Tuna with avocado and tomato salad, served with a sous kaye sauce, made of fresh herbs and vegetables.  . . . . read more