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(Dutch Side)

POPULATION  40,917 (2009)

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE . Dutch but English is widely spoken

CURRENCY - Netherlands Antillean Guilder 
(1 US dollar equals 1.77 Antillean GuilderS)

SIZE  34 sq. kilometers

CAPITAL CITY . Philipsburg

27 degrees Celsius / 81 degrees Fahrenheit

The Caribbean Gems Love Story

It all started years, ago, when, at the tender age of 23, Manu Budhrani left his home town in Pune, India and travelled to St. Maarten. Upon his arrival, he opened a small store which he called Caribbean Gems. Shortly after, 15,000 km away from his home town, Manu met Neelam, a young lady from India who was visiting relatives in St. Maarten... read more

Manu & Neelam