Mélange Caribbean Travel & Lifestyle Magazine

POPULATION - 12,106 (2013)


CURRENCY - Eastern Caribbean Dollar
(1 US dollar equals 2.67 Eastern Caribbean )

SIZE - 93 sq. kilometers

CAPITAL CITY  Charlestown

28 degrees Celsius / 82 degrees Fahrenheit

Vaughn Anslyn - Artist, Unrivaled. . .

Through my journey  I have I have always included art in EVERY aspect of my life.  . . . read more

Nevis - Serenity and Subdued Chic

Nevis is one of those rare places you visit for the first time then yearn to visit again and again . . . read more

Nevis, the Greenest Place on Planet Earth
Hon. Mark Brantley

Fabric Art
Deborah Tyrell

Deborah and her team will turn your photograph or story into a stunning personalized fabric collage   . . .read more

"In terms of tourism we feel that being the greenest place on planet earth speaks volumes of who we are and what we as a small island are seeking to achieve."  . . .read more


The Hermitage 

Montpelier Plantation & Beach