“Expressed through a collection of poems, this book speaks of my quest for love and belonging, which for the formative years of my life, were entangled in webs of delusion and woeful dejection . . . “

Patricia C. Daway Author


Beautiful Chaos
By Jo-Annah Richards

An enchanting and eclectic collection of captivating poetry. The topics ranges from love to politics, with each poem effortlessly and vividly embodying the beauty and chaos in each situation.

The Ill Concepts of the Caribbean Woman
By Jo-Annah Richards

The Ill Concepts of the Caribbean Woman exposes and speaks openly about disturbing issues within the Caribbean that are well and truly hidden.

Diary of The Scorpion Lover
By Stephanie Hava Wallace

A collection of Creative Non-Fiction short stories about a young woman navigating her way through the various relationships in her life.

Maybe God Was Busy
By Julie Marie Mansfield

Maybe God Was Busy is truly raw and authentic – a memoir saturated with abuse, survival, forgiveness, triumph and redemption – and yes laughter.