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POPULATION  284,644 (2013)


CURRENCY . Barbadian Dollar
(1 US dollar equals 1.98 Barbadian Dollars)

SIZE  431 sq. kilometers

CAPITAL CITY . Brridgetown

30 degrees Celsius / 86 degrees Fahrenheit

Klebere Perry
Senior Tour Guide
​Barbados Museum and Historical Society

Barbados Pigtails and 
Breadfruit Tour
Shanika Burnett, Shakad EcoWear
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Omar Robinson
Infusion-Catering Services
Fun and whimsical food, bold pure flavours and flavour combinations, modern contemporary Caribbean cuisine . . . read more

Shana Jones

Stephanie Barnes,
Interior Designer
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20 Must-Do's for Barbados Crop Over
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Marcia Weekes

Walk HolyKadooment Band of Praise & Worship
"Kadooment is portrayed as a purely secular event. Because of this, the church has retreated away from the festival considering it not Godly. WalkHoly however strongly believes that the origins of the festival (a time of thanksgiving to God) should be preserved and celebrated." . . . read more